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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the process work?

A. Simply sign up on the website, look through our inventory, choose what you would like, and pick up your order. An account specialist will reach out if there are any issues with your documentation.

Q. Do I need a medical card to join?

A. No. The only things we require are a government issued ID to make sure that you are 21+ years of age and a membership agreement. Both of these items are uploaded through our website using the sign up link.

Q. Is there a order minimum?

A. Yes, there is a $75 minimum per pickup and $175 for delivery.

Q. Do you accept cash?

A. No. We are a cashless operation and only accept credit and debit cards.

Q. Do you have inventory that is not listed on the site?

A. No. Our full, current, and up-to-date inventory is always posted here.

Q. Can I order over the phone?

A. To ensure a smooth process and faster service times, we ask that all orders be placed through our online platform.

Q. What make The Cali Consortium different from other cannabis companies?

A. The Cali Consortium is a private member-based organization that provides maximum protection and privacy for all members. We maintain strict compliance with DC Initiative 71 to provide our members with a superior product selection and seamless customer service. We take the security of your personal information very seriously and will not sell, send, or record any of your information outside of our database.